Hey guys!


Haven't popped in here lately but I have something fun to share today! A while back I added a few touches to this stunning master bedroom and never shared with all of you! Better late than never right?!


Here ya go!



We did nice thick rods and rings with blackout off-white velvet draperies. Aren't they so thick and luscious?? 



I also made the rug suggestion along with the lamps and bedding. Most people just need a few ideas on what to buy and look how great this turned out!




Until next time!

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    Anne Rice (Monday, 16 July 2018 10:13)


    I follow you on FB and LOVE your style. I have been digging on all your sites and am looking to see where I can purchase the velvet curtains that you have in the bedroom. I also would love to know about the rods. We live in Conroe, TX and our bedroom has amazing windows that light the room up at night. UGH. Thank you for your help and I just bought the fig tree for the dining room. Anne Rice