S Project - Take II


Hi everyone!


Long time no see! I have such a fun space to share with all of you today. This master bedroom project was completed a while back but it was so dark by the time we finished that "after" shots were out of the question. Then Harvey hit and you probably know how that went down. All that to say, I finally traveled back to capture the goodness! This is the second project I've done for this lovely couple and there is nothing that can make you feel accomplished like someone wanting to invite you back into their home for a second time. And I LOOOOOVE how this room turned out!


Before we see, take a look at this "before" shot taken hastily during our initial meeting over this space as we were rearranging furniture and making notes and envisioning all of the fun things we wanted to bring to this super fun room...



And here it is now!



We added window treatments, a round shag rug, retro floor lamps, throw pillows, and a cow hide stool to amp up the wow factor in this already awesome master bedroom. 


And check out these fab SHOP by Dixon pillow covers!



We also added this enormous custom framed beauty called The Horse In Motion by Eadweard Muybridge. It is so huge and so stunning, wow factor indeed. 



This space is FULL of interest and personality. Yet another wonderful touch shown here with heirloom instruments...



I had a fantastic time working on this bedroom and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the final product! A few more for the road...



Have a great week!


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