Breakfast Nook Reveal

Good afternoon!


I am super excited to share this space with all of you. We have lived in this house coming up on two years now and I had done basically zilch in the breakfast nook. I never loved any of the pieces in the space and other areas seemed to trump it on the decorating priority list.


With the nudge of a sweet and incredibly talented design friend (after her listening to my incessant whining about how much I despised that room), I got off the sidelines and got to work!


Before you see the final product, check out these before shots (and my sweetie sweeping!)...



And here it is now!


I wanted some interest without adding a ton of pieces to this space, so I went with a crazy patterned paint technique on the walls. You guys know I have a strong affection for painted accents.



My goal is to find pieces that look high end without the high end price tag. Feel me? On that note, it doesn't get any better than this enormous, funky, fun light for SIXTY DOLLARS. I would say that's some good bang for your buck paired with these AHEM forty dollar chairs. Thank you very much.



I moved in the hide rug from my son's room and I love love love how it looks under my new table. It brings such a neat flavor.


And are you ready for this...



I know I birthed them, but man those kids are cute.



Add in a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers and done.



We are thoroughly enjoying our new space and I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and tackled this odd corner!


What do you guys think??


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