How To Paint a Mountain Mural


Hello friends!


I thought I would start a new How-To series as a fun way to share the ins and outs of some of my projects. First on the list, the mountain mural!


Remember this beauty I painted in my daughters' shared room?



Now you  can have the same look (full room details here) by following these simple steps!




Spackle (to patch any previous holes)

Dust rag

Flat head screwdriver

Wide painter's tape

Paint (I wanted two colors in a neutral grayscale, one dark and one light)

1 small roller

1 big roller

2 paintbrushes for tape edges/trim work




1) Prep the wall for paint. Spackle any holes, dust the wall with a rag or t-shirt, and use the screwdriver to remove any outlets or light switch covers.


2) Use wide painter's tape to tape off the shape you want for your mountainscape (this is a made up word but it seems fitting!). I wanted a more graphic, abstract look for my mountains but this can be done in so many ways! Don't be afraid to experiment with the tape, after all, it pulls right off.


Also of note, excuse my terrible, dark, dingy, iPhone photos in this post. I promise to do better by you next time.



3) Paint time! I used the small roller for the middles of the lighter gray sections and then a brush on the edges next to the tape. This helps keep the paint from running underneath the tape. On the bottom section, I used a big roller for most of the space and then another brush next to the tape, baseboards, and door trim.


I chose to use the lighter of my two paint colors for the background mountains and the darker color for the bottom section. Again, use your imagination! This doesn't even have to be mountains. It can be a fun, colorful, abstract wall if you like! You really can't go wrong. Especially in a child's room!



4) Once both sections have been completely painted, slowly remove the tape. This is what gave me a nice thick line between my colors. Use thinner tape if you want a smaller space! I went back with my brushes to smooth out any imperfections along the tape lines.



My oldest daughter loves her mountain wall SO MUCH. She thinks it's super cool and her twin brother is very upset that he doesn't have a mountain wall as well. This project was fast, easy, and cheap. Huge bang for the buck!



I would love to see your photos if you tackle this project in your own home! Please share!


Until next time...


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